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Relic on the Writing Desk
She didn't know who made it or for what purpose, but it was an heirloom handed down from her grandmother, and for some reason, her poetry was always sweeter and more melodic when she kept it beside her inkwell.

Intriguing shell jewelry for a sunset on the beach...with a curious icy feeling.

Path Overgrown
I imagine a path winding through a forest with dark green leaves, some of them shining light green in the sunlight. Dark vines creep over everything, thinning the trees and letting sunlight stream through.

Autumn Sunflower
A firey color palette, a stylized sunflower, a dramatic hair-flower.

Wood Flute
I can almost hear the music.

Dawn on the Outer Rim Colonies
On the shores of a green ocean, a young culture developed a fresh, geometric art style. Colonists and tourists interpreted the bright sky and intricate vegetation of an inspiring new world.

Sleeping Power Source
Impossibly old, it lies deep in the ocean, among a handful of scattered artifacts, all unknown to those on the surface. Every few centuries or so, a glimmering arc of light indicates some voltage lost to a chance encounter with a fish or stray plant.

A Drop of Midsummer
A tranquil circle dance of flowers and lively music.

Dance of the Wisps
Haunting and beautiful,the dark orbs hover and sway in the night.

Delicate and mysterious, a moonlight incanation to make elven wine.

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